Currently, I am working on writing a book. I’m over 100 pages in, but it’s quite time consuming. Since I don’t want the pages of my book to only sit in my journals anymore, I’ve decided to post some excerpts here on this blog. In the meantime, hopefully I can finish the book as soon as possible. Below is the synopsis:

Currently Untitled:

Lauren Reynolds grew up in the Suburbs of Philadelphia, and while her childhood certainly wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great either. Since she was five years old, she grew up in the shadow of her parents’ divorce, and all of the changes that came with it. With a life based off of a marriage that failed, Lauren developed an intense fear of love, relationships, and the future. Feeling the need for a change, Lauren decides to leave on the journey of a lifetime immediately following her college graduation. Little did she know that in her search to find herself, she would find none other than Max Taylor: a young, free-spirited pathfinder with a taste for adventure. With Max by her side, Lauren soon discovers a world of possibilities that she had never dreamed of; but will it turn out to be all that she had hoped?