Move Forward

I know it’s hard, to try to let go,

but it’s not your fault.

depression can take anyone, at anytime,

you never thought it would happen to you.

you never saw it coming.

and I know you’re sad,

when you’re alone, thinking about what it turned you into.

you look back, and you don’t recognize that person.

and I know you feel ashamed,

and angry. at the depression, at the things that made you that way, and at yourself,

but you need to let go.

because if you don’t forgive yourself,

it will always keep hold of you,

and it will keep pulling you back under.

don’t give it the power.

know that you’re better.

know that you have control,

and that that person you were,

is not who you are.

So keep that smile high,

don’t let it fade,

and move forward.



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