The Night

I wish I could make it all go away,

once and for all.

The memories,

and how they grip my thoughts,

and pull me under like a wave that’s too strong.

and I’m drowning,

in the feelings of who I used to be.

I wish they’d die with the past.

because I’ve grown, and I’ve changed, and I’m stronger now.

But sometimes, when I can’t sleep,

in the middle of the night, when I’m all alone,

and there’s no one to pull me back,

or tell me things are okay now,

the past rears its ugly head,

and it takes me,

where I know I shouldn’t go.

sometimes it’s too hard to escape.

The demons scream,

and they tug at my head,


things I tried too hard to forget.

and they win,

and I’m lost in a world of  fear,

and hatred,

for those few lonely hours of the night,

wishing someone could save me.



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