The Meeting (Book Excerpt)

As Lauren sat on the ground in the station feeling defeated, she noticed a young man walk in on the other side of the tracks. She wondered what anyone else was doing at the train station at this time of night. She couldn’t tell much about him from a distance, except that he had shaggy blonde hair and looked to be somewhere in his twenties. He carried a backpack, which told her he was traveling as well, except, he looked like he actually knew what he was doing. She thought about her dirty boots she was wearing, over-sized raincoat and her hair in a braid that made messy sound like an understatement, and she felt even more ridiculous. She really didn’t belong here.

As the young man walked toward the train schedule, they locked eyes. Lauren quickly looked away. She didn’t want to draw too much attention to herself; she just wanted to get on her train and leave.

When she could no longer feel his eyes on her, she looked up again to watch him. Something about the way he moved intrigued her. She noticed that he had been looking at the schedule for an unnaturally long time, and that he no longer appeared to be reading it. It seemed like he was contemplating something. After a few more moments, Lauren watched him walk back towards the steps and out of view.

Lauren sighed, and leaned back against her bag. She was alone again. She closed her eyes, and quickly opened them again. Falling asleep here didn’t seem like a smart idea. Staying over night here in general probably wasn’t a smart idea, but she didn’t know what else to do at this point.

Once she opened her eyes, she noticed the blonde-haired man had emerged from the stairs on her side of the tracks. She quickly looked away, trying to act like she hadn’t seen him, but she heard his steps coming closer.

“Hi. Do you speak English?” he said in a British accent.

Laure jerked up. There was no avoiding it now.



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