Sometimes I look into the mirror, and wonder,

how I could have treated myself so badly.

I look at my skin,

soft, smooth, with faint freckles,

and my hair,

thick and wavy,

and my eyes,

bright and green,

and I ask myself,

what didn’t you love?

Why were you so mean to yourself?

all your body ever needed,

was to be loved, and cared for.

Why couldn’t you do that?

and then I think,

isn’t it sad, how we’ve all been taught to look for what is wrong with us?

It’s a tragedy, really,

when we believe we aren’t beautiful,

when we believe we need to change.

We are unique, spectacular.

Walking miracles.

We should treat ourselves that way.

I will love myself from now on,

and hope,

that slowly,

just maybe,

I can help others do the same.



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