Memory (excerpt)

His mind flashed back. He remembered a moment with her, before the world went to hell. They were just like this, in the back of a car, her head resting on his shoulder, her eyes closed. Except back then, it was after a night of fun, watching a show on Broadway. He remembered the dress she wore that night. It was gold with sparkles that highlighted her skin. Her black hair was curled and her makeup was done to perfection. She was glowing that night, but nothing she wore could compare to her smile. He hadn’t seen her smile like that in what felt like an eternity. He hoped that he would see it again soon.

He looked down at her; at her soft features. Her skin like a delicate rose, her eyes shut so gently. He wondered how he could possibly feel so much love for one, small person. He felt a strange pain in his chest looking at her. slowly, he gently reached his hand up to rub his fingers across her cheek. “I love you” he said softly, unsure if she was awake to hear it. She was. She looked up at him, and something flashed across her face that he hadn’t seen in ages; a glimmer of hope? Of happiness? Whatever it was, he wished that it had stayed longer. He hadn’t realized it had been so long since he last said those words. He forgot what it meant to her. Some things just went to the back burners of your mind when your life was in danger every moment.

She didn’t say anything in return. She didn’t need to; her eyes said it all. She just pressed her head into his neck below his chin, and he held her, pretending for a moment his only responsibility was to love her.



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