Places are just places,
Without the people you love.
The sky is blue,
The grass is green,
Everything falls into a pattern.
Waves crash on the sand,
Leaves blow in the wind,
Rain falls on the side walk.
Even the most beautiful places,
the places that can make your soul feel free,
the places filled with beauty and wonder,
are just places,
without you.
With you,
Everything comes alive.
The sky is brighter,
The grass is greener,
And my heart beats a little louder,
rhythmic with the rain that falls on the side walk.
In line with the waves crashing on the sand.
You are my light that lights the way,
the wind that blows through my hair,
the place that makes my soul feel free.
You made my world complete,
and I want to be where you are,
because a place is just a place,
when you’re not there.



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