Without You

I thought that  I could make you miss me again,

like you once did.

I thought that I could make the stars align in the sky again,

like they once did.

I thought you might understand,

like you always did.

I wish you could say you love me,

without that tone of reluctance in your voice.

I wish you would say goodnight to me,

without me having to ask.

and now I’m lost without you,

because the nights are a little bit darker without you here,

and it’s a little too hard to sleep without you beside me.

and I’m just a little too weak to keep the demons away,

without you to turn to.

I wish I could be strong enough to let you go,

but my world is a little too cold without you.

and now I wait,

and wonder,

if I’ll ever be the same without you,

while hoping and praying,

that you don’t want to be without me.



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