Like a Tree

Beautiful girl,

you deserve to grow,

tall like a tree,

you deserve to stretch into the sky,

where your soul is full,

and smile at the clouds.

Like a tree,

you’re strong,

and rooted in the ground,

made up of all of the things that you love.

Do you remember how brave you were before they cut you down?

Before they told you your leaves weren’t pretty enough,

before they said your branches weren’t strong enough,

before you believed them?

You were so brave, once.

But don’t you worry, because with every fallen leaf,

there is a seed.

A hint of possibility.

Potential for growth.

Every time you fall, you’ll grow back,

and you’ll be brave again, like you once were.

You’ll grow so tall,

no storm could phase you,

no axe could break you,

and you’ll be strong,

just like a tree.

It’s only a matter of time.



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