Lessons I took from 2016

2016 was the year from hell. It was arguably the hardest year of my life, but nonetheless, I made a lot of personal growth. Here are the most important lessons that 2016 taught me:

  1. Forgiveness is peaceful
  2. It does not matter, not even a little bit, what other people think
  3. You will never be able to fully experience love from someone else unless you truly love yourself.
  4. If you’re not happy doing something, then what’s the point?
  5. Pay attention to the people who try and try and try again for you.
  6. Actually living life is a lot better than imagining an idea of what your life should look like.
  7. If you can’t stop thinking about someone, there might be a reason.
  8. Living your life, doing things hoping that other people will have a certain perception of you is a shitty way to live.
  9. Do what YOU want when YOU want to
  10. Your life will not look like anyone else’s because you are not like anyone else.

Here’s hoping that the rest of 2017 will be full of love and light.


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