Isn’t it funny how we all change?

we start off so innocent, fearless. We can do anything.

Slowly, we grow.

The world becomes darker.

Things seem harder to reach.

“I can do it alone” we tell ourselves. and we believe it.

We fight through our problems. We tell ourselves that we are alone. That no one understands.

“I’m a freak” “I have problems” “Everyone is happier than me”

We tell ourselves these things, over and over, until we believe it.

It is not until we are a little older, when we have felt enough pain, that we realize that we are not alone.

Everyone is searching, longing, to feel like they belong.

“You’re my best friend” “I’ll always love you” “I’m so proud of you”

It is only when we break down the walls, when we let others in, share our lives and our stories, that we will realize:

We’re all the same. The same struggles. The same fears.

Life is a lot better with the people you love.

I won’t hide anymore.

I’ll be fearless, once again.



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